Conducting a business during a pandemic may seem difficult, but it is actually feasible, you just need to find the right approach. The pandemic sped up the shift towards digitalization, making people more dependent on online platforms such as social media networking sites. The pandemic opened new doors to business enthusiasts as the increase in the consumption of digital content made it possible for various businesses to conduct online selling. Although online selling has been around for a while, it became more significant more than ever. The pandemic forced commercial establishments such as restaurants and retail shops to temporarily close down to prevent the spread of the virus. To cope with their income losses, businesses devised new ways to reach their market—through online selling.

Through online selling, it has become possible to conduct a business in the comfort of your home, encouraging more people to try it. Various online services such as online health consultation and online gym class also became a trend, paving the way to the emergence of online entrepreneurship platforms. Online entrepreneurship platforms like The Garage Society allow entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs around the globe. One of the most significant changes during the pandemic is how it became possible for businesses to negotiate and close deals via the internet. Typically, closing deals require the physical presence of both parties, but because of the pandemic, messaging apps like Google Meet and Zoom made it possible to host and attend virtual meetings.

The challenges brought by the pandemic brought out the creativity of the business sector, allowing several industries to still thrive despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions. It is fortunate that we are in the day and age of the internet and software, making it possible for entrepreneurs to look for different ways to cope with business income loss and thrive despite the challenges.

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